Séverine Assouline is a French artist born in 1976, she lives and works in Paris.


Severine Assouline is interested in the notion of alterity and the link to others in our age of digital mediation. Her works are mainly sculptures or installations but also videos.


She is interested in alterity for its political meaning, as a confrontation between different social groups but also as a confrontation with « the norm». By exploring fields like body, norms, gender identity, questions about one’s belonging to a group and one’s place in society emerge.

She also finds inspiration in psychoanalysis, alterity (in its psychic meaning) and relationship between people.

As an artist, she would like to make herself out of ranking people or gender stereotypes. The heart of her works consists in her own expression, as a way of being in the world.


In a world in a digital boom, Séverine started her career at the end of the 90s as an editor-in-chief of a cultural magazine and then became an entrepreneur at the early 2000s. She developped a new concept "urban safari" which mixed interactive leisure with a sociological, cultural and educative perspective. 


As a feminist activist, she founded at the same time the first French feminine network, Cyberelles, to promote women’s empowerment in the digital field. In 2010, she pursued her commitment and initiated the "Power Starter" contest in order to help new feminine talents from the suburbs. 

Since 2010, Severine is focused on visual art, offering a plastic interpretation of theorical concepts and notions that belong to « collective unconscious ». Her works are created to arouse stir and questioning.

©Séverine Assouline, 2020